A T-shirt would have never thought that it will generate so much debate and discussion. But since September last it has become a subject of political discussion, simply because Rahul Gandhi has been sporting white T-shirt since the beginning of his much politicised Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Generally T-shirts or tees are made of a stretchy, light and inexpensive fabric which are easy to clean.

But, Rahul Gandhi’s tee is definitely not inexpensive, if one is to go by the reports of the brand — Burberry, an iconic British brand.

If the first half of the Yatra saw discussions around the brand, the second leg is seeing discussions and debate around “why is he still wearing a T-shirt in winter chills?”

“People ask me why I am wearing this white T-shirt, don’t I feel cold. I will tell you the reason. When the Yatra began... in Kerala, it was hot and humid. But when we entered Madhya Pradesh, it was slightly cold...One day three poor girl children in torn clothes came to me...When I held them, they were shivering as they were not wearing proper clothes. On that day, I took a decision that till the time I do not shiver, I will only wear a T-shirt,” Gandhi said recently.

“When I start shivering, then I will think of wearing a sweater. I want to give a message to those three girls that if you are feeling cold, then Rahul Gandhi will also feel cold,” he added.

Politically correct, one would say. Political rivals, by using T-shirt, were trying to change the narrative of the Yatra, where questions were being raised on economy and unemployment. It was, as many termed it, a “spin ball”.

Now it is up to Gandhi and his team to hit a boundary, or get bowled. As someone pointed out, remember the chaiwala spin, which became chai pe charcha. Similarly, if Congress is smart enough, it can become T-shirt economics!