Yubi (formerly CredAvenue) has entered the fixed income investment platform with the launch of Aspero. Operating under the aegis of CredAvenue Securities, Aspero, a SEBI-registered online bond platform provider, offers retail investors a new interface to discover and trade in multiple listed bonds across rating categories. Here is a low-down.

Platform trend

Authorities, the government, and bond issuers have collaboratively worked to enhance the reach of the Indian bond market and broaden the ownership of corporate bonds. The rise of Online Bond Platform Providers (OBPPs) should be understood within this context. With features reminiscent of online shopping, an appealing user interface, no associated costs, great convenience, and extensive information availability, OBPPs strive to democratise bond dealings for Indian retail investors. It’s worth noting that the traditional option of investing in bonds through a regular trading account has always been available.

Behind the platform

By integration with exchange platforms for settlement and insights on issuers across sectors, the Aspero platform offers a vetted selection of bonds. It aims to cater to all investor requirements throughout the investment lifecycle (from the stage of evaluation to transaction maturity).

Key highlights:

● The face value of bonds starting as low as Rs 300

● Yields ranging from 8-14 per cent for bonds rated in the investment grade category

● Variety of bonds with values ranging from Rs 300 to over Rs 10 lakh

● No transaction fees, and flexible tenors ranging from approximately 3 months to 7 years.

● The platform also offers the option to invest 24x7 i.e. beyond market hours and holidays.

● Settlement Times & Cycles: Trading days (12 AM - 3 PM): Next working day (T+1); Trading days (Post 3 PM): Next to next working day (T+2); Holidays & Weekends: Next to next working day (T+2)

Aspero recently launched sovereign gold bonds on its platform.

Curation, regulation

Yubi has a history in fixed income investments, primarily serving large wealth distributors, family offices, and Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs). Aspero claims to possess in-depth knowledge of issuers whose bonds are featured on its platform.

Aspero is integrated with the BSE RFQ platform. It was one of the first bond platforms to secure the OBPP licence in March 2023. It has acquired the requisite debt broking licences from regulatory authorities, including stock broking, OBPP, merchant banker, and research analyst licences.

Sign-up, investing

To sign up on Aspero, one has to go to the website homepage, enter one’s mobile number and verify using the OTP received via SMS. For KYC verification, provide your full name and email verification, upload the PAN card, complete address verification via Digilocker, bank details verification and demat details verification. For investing, choose from bonds on the platform, select the investment amount and units, confirm the payment method (UPI or net banking) and make the payment. One can also use the Aspero mobile app on Google PlayStore and Apple App store.

Our take

Although Aspero strives to offer a user-friendly interface and furnishes pertinent bond information, investors must conduct their independent research. Seek guidance from financial and wealth advisors before venturing into individual bond investments. For those new to bond investing, it is advisable to commence with low-risk securities and gradually expand one’s investment portfolio through debt mutual funds. Consider exploring direct bond investments only if alternative avenues do not meet your requirements.