I have been investing in mutual funds since 2018 with my limited knowledge. I want to know what schemes suit me. My goal is to create ₹2 crore in 13-14 years. I am a very aggressive investor. Kindly suggest some good funds. 

Pranjit Prasad Sahoo

We are assuming you want to reach your ₹2-crore goal 13-14 years from now. Since you have started investing in 2018, that makes the total time available to reach your goal roughly 18-19 years. You have also mentioned that you are a very aggressive investor and so we peg your return expectations (CAGR) during this period at 15 per cent. Under these assumptions, your monthly SIP requirement falls between ₹15,600 and ₹18,300. If you bring down the return expectation to 12 per cent, the SIP requirement moves up to ₹23,00026,400. Similarly, if your investments since 2018 are not significant and the total timeline is only 13-14 years from today, your SIP requirement for the goal will change accordingly. You can use online SIP calculators to work out these permutations and combinations. If you are unable to save as per the SIP requirements suggested above, you can always step up your SIPs in future, as your income increases. Step-up SIP calculators are also available online. Since we are not sure about how much you would be investing each month, we are suggesting the ratio of allocation to various funds based on your risk appetite.  We are suggesting only pure equity funds given that you are an aggressive investor and have a time horizon of over 10 years.

That said, investing till the month before you want to pull out the funds to meet your goal is not a good idea as no one can predict the market direction accurately. Hence, you will be more comfortable if your timeline or target amount is not too strict, and you have some leeway.