The Sensex crossed the 75,000 milestone on April 09, 2024, a few days ahead of the start of the general elections to the Lok Sabha. It would be worth recollecting that the Sensex had crossed the 25,000 milestone 10 years back on May 16, 2014, the exact day the 2014 general elections results were announced. So as NDA completes 10 years, here is an analysis of the Sensex’s journey.

During this journey from 25K to 75K, 60 per cent i.e. 12 stocks got pushed out from this elite group of 30 stocks. 18 stocks have successfully retained their place.

The best performing five stocks in this journey are as below with Reliance Industries taking the pole position.

From 25K to 50K, it took close to 7 years or over 1,650 sessions, with Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) being the best performer in that journey.

From 50K to 75K, it took less than half the time with PSU NTPC being the best performing stock.

Notably, Sensex has outperformed all the major global indices in this journey.