1. In a year from now, I will complete a 30-year journey that was inaugurated by a famous person who became Prime Minister later. I was the first to enter into the business when it was opened to private players.

2. When my CEO, who rebuilt the business from the brink, retired due to age several rumours brought down the stock sharply; I’m glad it tripled soon after. Yet my shareholders are disappointed as I have not delivered any returns to them since 2016.

3. My present CEO was part of the management team that turned around my fortunes. He fondly remembers joining my 12-member office with no separate desk for him.

4. FIIs used to own more than half of my equity that they have been reducing over the recent years. Promoters have been increasing their stake and publicly stated their intent to increase it further.

5. My founder was born in a neighbouring country and became the richest man of the country he currently resides in. He is such a pure vegetarian that he used to carry his food even when attending banquets.

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Last week’s winner: Kanishk Singh

Last week’s stock: Shriram Finance