Here’s a challenge. Using the five clues below, identify the company that is being talked about here

1. I have taken more than 45 years to become a top player in my industry. I just completed 20 years since listing.

2. My valuations have grown more than 10 times since Covid lows, following weak returns over the previous decade. About 35 per cent CAGR over the last 10 years has compensated for the poor performance in the prior period.

3. My market capitalisation during Covid lows was almost the same as my last year’s profit before tax. I’m glad I did a voluntary buyback during the height of Covid meltdown.

4. My founder graduated from BITS Pilani in 1970 and spearheaded many innovations that enabled me to thrive even as my user industry is undergoing serious technology disruption.

5. Though I have more than 2,000 employees, my employee cost is less than 5 per cent of my total cost as my employees’ median salary is less than ₹5 lakh annually.

Send your answers by Wednesday 6 p.m. to, with your full name, postal address and phone number. A lucky winner in each week will get a book sponsored by UNIFI Capital as a reward.

Last week’s stock: NCC Ltd

Last week’s winner: Manan Patel