1. I’m one of the few Indian companies whose current valuation is lower than the March 2020 lows due to 25 per cent decline just over the last one year.

2. I have been having more than 50 per cent net profit margin, typical of my industry. As I distribute more than half of my earnings, I maintain Return on Equity higher than 30 per cent.

3. My revenue and earnings haven’t grown materially over the last few years though my industry size has doubled – a clear sign of my loss of leadership due to industry growth from geographies I am not present in.

4. Last year saw dramatic changes in my executive leadership. One of my promoters also reduced his stake by almost two-thirds.

5. My current MD is a veteran in the industry, having led an outlier firm to become the largest player. Hopefully he will lead me back into the growth trajectory.

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Last week’s stock name: Narayana Hrudayalaya

Last week’s winner: Satish Sundaram