What is the outlook for the stock of RBL Bank?

Rajesh Dash

RBL Bank (₹179.45): The gradual rise from the June low of ₹74.15 is giving a sign of a bottom. RBL Bank has closed on a strong note for the month at ₹179.45, The moving averages on the weekly chart are also giving bullish signals in the form of a cross-over. Strong supports are at ₹150 and ₹140. As long as the stock trades above these supports, the outlook will remain bullish. As such, RBL Bank has the potential to target ₹280-300 over the next three-four quarters or even earlier than that. From a long-term perspective, a revisit of ₹400-levels over the next two-three years also cannot be ruled out.  

Long-term investors can buy this stock at the current levels now and at ₹160. Keep the stop-loss at ₹120. Trail the stop-loss up to ₹210 as soon as the stock rises to ₹270. Move the stop-loss further up to ₹310 when the RBL Bank stock touches ₹370 on the upside. Exit the positions at ₹400. This bullish outlook will get negated only if the stock falls below ₹140 decisively. In that case, a fresh fall to ₹100 and lowers levels can be seen.

I hold shares of Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. My average purchase price is ₹428. Please advise whether I should hold the stock or book loss at the current market price?

Sumi Varghese

Advanced Enzyme Technologies (₹281.40): The stock has been stuck in a sideways range of ₹260-335 since March 2022. As seen from the charts, this consolidation hints a base formation above the 200-Week Moving Average (MA), currently at ₹267. Additionally, the price action on the weekly chart indicates a rounding pattern formation. So, there are chances that the downtrend could be coming to an end. The 100-Week MA at ₹335 is an important resistance. A sustained break above this hurdle will open doors for a fresh rally targeting ₹500-520 over the long term, say in a year or two.

If you have the risk appetite, hold the stock with a stop-loss at ₹240. You can even consider accumulating at current levels. Move the stop-loss up to ₹310 as soon as the stock rises to ₹360. Revise the stop-loss further higher to ₹420 when the stock touches ₹470 on the upside. Exit at ₹500. The downtrend will resume only if the stock breaks below ₹250 decisively. If that happens, then a steeper fall to ₹200 and even lower levels is possible.

I hold shares of Avanti Feeds at an average price of ₹620. Can I hold it long term to recover some loss?

M G Joshi

Avanti Feeds (₹385.80): First of all, holding any stock with just a hope that prices will bounce back to minimise the loss is a wrong strategy. An investor should have the discipline of having a proper exit point to book profit and have a stop-loss right at the time of entering the market. Ideally as a practice, a risk-reward ratio of 1:2 should be the ideal strategy. That is, if you are looking for a ₹100 profit, then your stop-loss should be ₹50 maximum and not beyond that.

Now coming to your question, Avanti Feeds is not showing any sign of a reversal. Though there is a good support around ₹340, a bounce from there to take it above your purchase price of ₹620 might take a very long time. That again will be a wait with just hope to recover. Because the stock has to rise past ₹600 to indicate a confirmed trend reversal which might not happen immediately. So, it is better to exit the stock at current levels.