Over the last few years, while Fiat hasn’t fallen from grace, its market presence has dropped considerably. From being a popular choice for everyday cars, Fiat has had issues such as less demand for hatchbacks, an increasing push for electrification and, most importantly, an ageing product line-up. 

The Italian carmaker didn’t give up, of course, and it has soldiered on with a range of cars new and slightly less new. Its presence in certain markets has been strong (total sales last year were in the region of 1.3 million units), but for it to be a globally successful carmaker again, Fiat is in need of a revival, and that’s what it will get this year.

As the brand celebrates its 125th anniversary, Fiat has announced that it’ll bring out a new car each year till 2027, with the first one scheduled to come in July this year. Fiat also revealed some futuristic concepts based on the much-loved Panda, namely a city car, a fastback, a family SUV, a camper, and a pickup truck. 

When the new cars are brought to life, they will be based on the same modular platform (which comes courtesy its parent company, Stellantis), and powering them will be a range of engines that are conventionally powered, hybrid, and electric. Most importantly, they’ll be based on the ideology that ‘functionality shouldn’t exist without fun’.

Fiat emphasises that the new range will be available globally, but a region-specific announcement (including one for India) is yet to be made.