Dr Shriram Nene

1. Set your goals: What is the key to life? Do you want to live a 100 years, and if yes, what will it take? Take a holistic approach– think of mind, body and soul: how to eat, live, socialise, improve and learn.

2. Maintain a schedule: It’s important. One must at least get eight hours of sleep along with healthy diet (specifically limit sugar, alcohol or caffeine). Avoid late night binge watching, as it leads to binge eating. Also limit your screen time and maximise social and outdoor time. Working out or playing a sport daily is a must.

3.Think before speaking: Say less, do more. Don’t speak sporadically or in a rushed fashion. Take your time. If it’s not something positive, don’t say it.

4. Find your way: Find your own path; do not try to emulate what others are doing. Don’t try to do everything. Accept failure. Limit your pain.

5. Decide what’s important to you: Money, fame, toys? If you ask me, all these material things fade away; family should come first.

(Healthcare Innovator and Cardiovascular surgeon)