'Hiking and the nourishing sounds of nature'

| Updated on January 13, 2018 Published on February 19, 2017
Kristie Lu Stout, CNN Anchor & host - News Stream

Kristie Lu Stout2

Kristie Lu Stout

(CNN Anchor & host - News Stream)

1. It’s very important to get enough sleep and eat right. Breakfast is my biggest meal of the day and I try to go carbohydrate light in the evening.

2. I love hiking, especially a steep climb and fortunately there is also a beautiful hiking path, right next to my home in Hong Kong. As a newsperson, I do carry my mobile device, however I pay attention to the natural world around me. It can be very nourishing and meditative to listen to the sounds of nature like birdsong or running water; and to have that peace of mind to contemplate is very important for overall wellness.

3. It's important to clock in the steps every day. If I can’t go hiking or to the gym, I’ll make simple changes, like doing a ‘Walk and Talk’ meeting with colleagues or going for a quick walk to pick up my dinner and come back to the news room.

4. When travelling, I always pack an exercise outfit and exercise bands so I can work out even if the hotel does not have a gym.

5. I try to take holidays regularly, which helps me feel refreshed and reconnected with my family. This year, I have taken to reading more, I find it more intellectually stimulating.

Published on February 19, 2017
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