Karan Bose, Managing Director, Hula Global

1. I believe both physical and mental fitness need equal importance. During weekdays, I start my day early, at 6 am. The first thing I do after getting up and freshening up is taking a glass of lukewarm water with Apple cider vinegar to detox my body.

2. I live on the 6th floor and I avoid using the elevator. I take the stairs every day. Initially, avoiding elevators started off as a scare in the early days of Covid-19 but now it has become a habit. I plan to continue this habit even after the pandemic is over because I get to do some cardio without having to pull out time from my otherwise hectic schedule.

3. Digital detox : I avoid browsing the phone for the first two hours after getting up: No Phones! I prefer to meditate during the weekdays for at least 30 minutes. Meditation has helped control the urge to respond to “that important notification” right away. Now, I have a clear demarcation on phone and internet usage. For all work-related emails and messages, I respond to them after reaching office at 9 am and I have a fixed time to catch up on social media, which is in the night, after 9 pm, when I am back from work: And I avoid mixing work and personal until and unless it is super urgent.

4. Food : I take a heavy but healthy breakfast, which usually combines fruits, egg whites, cereals and sprouts. For lunch and dinner, I make sure there is always salad. At lunch, the salad portion is smaller than the meal, but for dinner the salad portion is larger and meal is smaller. Most important of all — stay hydrated: I drink plenty of water during the day, usually 4 litres or more.

5. Cardio & physical workout is important : I go for a 30-minute run every day before getting ready for work. I feel very active during the day because of cardio. Whenever I missed out on my run, I could feel my day becoming dull and boring. Over the years I have realised that being physically active is important for both mental and physical well-being.

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