1. Morning Mindfulness: I kick-start my day at 5 am; practising deep breathing centres me; stretches limber my soul and a 60-minute run unleashes the day’s energy.

2. Healthy diet: I prioritise protein-rich breakfasts, abundant fruits and nuts while avoiding sugar and junk food.

3. Mountain Rides: Riding a motorbike in the mountains — the experience is thrilling and mentally challenging, emphasising the importance of basic core strength and mental resilience.

4. Adventure Sport: Bungee jumping, skiing and hiking are integrated into my routine whenever possible, providing an adrenaline boost and breaking the monotony.

5. Reading Inspiration: Insightful reading from books like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and The Fountainhead, a light dinner and a balanced schedule, create a fulfilling end to my day.

(The writer is Co-Founder & CTO, InsuranceDekho)