Plants and my pet, to relax and steer clear of negativity 

Plant care I enjoy spending time with my plants, caring for them, and including them in my daily life. This greatly relaxes my mind, as I am a firm believer in returning to nature.

Marbles time I look forward to every day playing with my dog, Marbles. My furry friend not only peps up my day but also keeps me away from negativity.

English classics A little bit of silver screen lights up every soul. I really enjoy watching old English classics. The concept, the screenplay, and the relativity still amaze me.

Staying organised I am a very organised person who enjoys planning my day. However, an aspect of my OCD detoxifies my mind significantly. Keeping my house organised, such as keeping things in order, folding and stacking clothes, really takes my mind off stress and pacifies me.

Nutrition and hydration I believe that one should devote time to both one’s mental and physical well-being. I religiously ensure I start my day by working out and always keep an eye on my nutrition and hydration level.