1. Sustainable pace: A marathoner, my workouts rotate between cardio, strength, and stability. An hour is dedicated to a dynamic routine including running and occasional biking, at a sustainable pace crucial for marathon success.

2. Consistency: I’ve followed the same fitness regime for over 20 years, though intensity has reduced over time.

3. Prioritise: Despite a busy schedule, I prioritise training and incorporate runs into my travels, exploring neighborhoods wherever I go!

4. Recovery: Post-run recovery is a priority — involving rejuvenating cold showers, targeted stretching, and crucial 7-8 hours restful sleep.

5. Non-negotiables: Nutrition and hydration. Carb-loading before long runs and replenishing electrolytes during, are integral to sustaining energy levels throughout the day. I consume 2.5-3 litres of liquids daily. (Not alcohol though!)

(The writer is Managing Director, SKF India)