There are three prominent banks headquartered in this scenic district of Kerala. Nearly a century ago, when these banks were founded, this district was a prominent business hub that housed the rich landlords of the State. Gradually as trade and commerce started picking up across the State and people started migrating to the Gulf countries, this district started becoming more known for its temples, not so much for business. Even till about a decade ago, this geography shift wasn’t an issue for any of these banks.

Their chiefs loved the peace and greenery. But everyone’s upgrading to become pan-India.  Their chiefs are no more the sons of the soil, and so is core of team of these CEOs. They are Indian westerners who like scenic vacations not work places. Of course, they are frequent fliers on business class, but a trip every week or even every fortnight can be back bending. They want to move their offices closer to home and are fighting a tug-of-war with the locals.  They may reach compromise, but not outside the State yet.