In-ear earphones are so tiny, you wouldn’t think there’s that much they can pack in. But you’d be mistaken — four times over. 1MORE’s Quad-Driver earphones are, contrary to the company’s strange name, not just one more but one of a kind. These earphones have, for the first time in the world, four drivers for clear and powerful sound output.

The earphones come out of a box that is a whole package of accessories for them. It’s the same premium packaging we saw with the Triple-Driver earphones some months ago. There’s an arrangement of eight pairs of ear-tips, some of them in foam. There’s an extra plug and a gold stereo jack. There’s even a tie-pin. And finally there’s a leather case to carry the earphones in.

The Quad-Driver earphones are not Bluetooth as this would bring down the quality of sound. Instead they come attached to a solid, strong tangle-free Kevlar textured set of wires. On the right is a titanium three-button remote with the usual functions for controlling music and calls. Then the two wires from the metallic Y-split onwards end each in an unusually heavy and strong looking titanium earbud. They look like they’re industrial strength material and the slight weight is a hint at the sound you’re going to get. Looking at them, you’d think they won’t fit your ears or be comfortable, but this isn’t the case. The default ear-tips fitted very well and sealed off my ears, leaving me in with music passively causing a bit of noise exclusion because of the fit. I certainly didn’t hear some people in my apartment.

But getting to the sound quality... They sound plain fantastic. The reason there are four drivers on these earphones is so that they take up different frequencies in the music. The bass is strong and prominent though it may well not be enough for young Indians who love that extra thump in their music. Vocals are clear. High frequencies are even clearer and you can hear details you never noticed — and blemishes. The earphones support hi-res music so if you have access to these files, you can enjoy more clarity. I found that classical music, like Bach, sounded pretty good. It may not be the best option for pop and Bollywood of the older variety. It’s also probably not the best option for the electronics and dub variety of music but is nice for jazz . Overall, these headphones are built for clarity — built strong and solid — and are great for those who want some accuracy in their music. But they’re expensive.

Price: ₹13,449

Pros: Detailed clarity in sound output, solid build, well-packed with accessories

Cons: Expensive, not for every genre of music