Acrobat AI Assistant is a new generative AI-powered conversational engine that is deeply integrated into Reader and Acrobat workflows. AI Assistant is bringing generative AI to the masses, unlocking new value from the information inside the more than 3 trillion PDFs in the world.

“Whether it’s doing taxes, collaborating on contracts or creating and sharing research papers, Acrobat is the trusted platform for PDFs,” said Abhigyan Modi, senior vice-president of Adobe Document Cloud. “Acrobat AI Assistant empowers billions of people to shift from reading documents to having a conversation – enabling them to get insights and format and share content from all kinds of digital documents – quickly and easily.”

Acrobat AI Assistant features give users the power to work more productively with their PDFs – and documents in other formats – including Word, PowerPoint, meeting transcripts and more. Here are some of the features that users can have access to

AI Assistant: Chat with your PDFs and other documents. AI Assistant recommends questions based on a PDF’s content and answers questions about what’s in the document through an intuitive conversational interface.

Generative summary: Get a quick understanding of the content inside long documents with short overviews in easy-to-read formats. 

Intelligent citations: A custom attribution engine and proprietary AI generate citations so customers can easily verify the source of AI Assistant’s answers. 

Clickable links help customers quickly locate the information they need in long documents so they can focus their time exploring and actioning the most essential information. Users can also consolidate and format information into top takeaways and text for e-mails, presentations, blogs, reports, and more. A “copy” button makes creating and sharing compelling content simple.

The new AI Assistant features in Reader and Acrobat are governed by data security protocols, and no customer document content is stored or used to train AI Assistants without their consent. 

With Acrobat AI Assistant, knowledge workers can summarise takeaways and action items from long meeting transcripts and analysts can quickly surface and share top findings in research reports. Teachers and students can create study guides. Sales teams can quickly locate key information from technical documents for RFPs and learn about customer pain points to inform their strategies and presentations. Consumers can easily find information like terms and conditions for warranties in long contracts and agreements.

Acrobat AI Assistant is now available in beta on Acrobat Reader mobile with voice commands, enabling customers to use their voice to ask AI Assistant questions, summarize documents and more. With the new mobile app, Acrobat AI Assistant delivers vital insights and information analysis wherever users are, and allows them to effortlessly create high-quality content for e-mails, study guides, blog posts and more by talking to their phones.

Acrobat AI Assistant is also available through Acrobat’s existing Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions, allowing even more users to quickly get from web search to comprehension and action in an instant. 

Pricing and Availability

The full range of Acrobat AI Assistant capabilities is available to customers with free Reader or paid Acrobat for individual plans when they purchase a new AI Assistant add-on subscription. Early access pricing for the AI Assistant add-on subscription starts at $4.99 per month and is available until June 5, 2024. Acrobat AI Assistant subscription plans are available on desktop and web in English — other languages to follow. AI Assistant on Reader mobile (beta) is available in English for free for a limited time directly in the Reader mobile app.