The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, like all its predecessors, amazes (no pun intended) with its performance and battery life.

I am emphasising repeatedly on battery as it is plain irritating to keep charging watches every day for hours. Even top Smartwatches like the ones from Samsung and Fossil have to be charged every day or at least once in two days. Amazfit is clearly ahead in this area. It runs for at least a week on a single charge - even with the always on display, sleep tracking and at least three or four checks of SpO2 and heart rates. For those who have tried other smartwatches, it is a huge relief that the watch need not be charged every day or every other day.

Of course, unlike real smartwatches, Amazfit is mainly a health tracker and does not run on Wear OS, but on the proprietary Zepp OS, which itself is quite good, given that it does not have the Android Wear or Apple ecosystem to fall back on.



The AMOLED HD display is one of the finest and also does well under sunlight. The Zepp OS is also smooth and has no noticable lag.

The watch has Alexa built in and can answer a wide range of questions, but still cannot do things like broadcasting to other devices.

The metallic bezel, along with the brown leather strap makes it stand out and has a premium look. It also looks like a normal watch from a distance. It has two buttons. The top one brings up the menu and the bottom one opens up the massive list of workouts. Just when we think we have come to the end of the list, the watch says it has “More workouts”! What this means is the user won’t be caught without a workout tracker in the watch. The list is comprehensive and pretty much covers everything one can think of. Many of them have automatic detection capability, which means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn on the required workout.


Amazfit GTR 3 Pro watch


Both the buttons are configurable through the well-designed Zepp app, though the apps and watch faces available are limited compared to Android Wear or Apple Watch. Though this is not a smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy series or Apple Watch, this is one area where Amazfit can improve.

The sensors underneath the watch helps you to track, among other things, heart rate, stress and SpO2 levels. There is an option to continuously monitor the parameters, but results in draining the battery more.

The charging sensors at the back pair well with the magnetic charger. Though it looks puny, it snaps well with the sensors magnetically. You have to be wary of ensuring it is locked when you move around the charger as it easily gets disconnected from the watch. The good part is you don’t have to charge it often because of its great battery.

The Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI), (also available in the older models), is a motivator as you can accumulate points for your activities.

If you are a workout or health freak, the GTR 3 Pro could be watch for you. With its great battery life, nice companion app and seemingly unending list of workouts, the GTR 3 Pro gives value for money.

Price: 18,999

Pros : Great battery

Good display

Lag-free performance

Almost every workout covered

Premium look

Cons : Not many watch faces

Limited number of apps

Not exactly a smart watch for the price

Proprietary ecosystem