25 dogs killed in house fire in UK


Up to 25 dogs have died in their cages after a house caught fire in Britain, days after 53 dogs... »

Britain hires dyslexic spies in anti-terror campaign


Britain’s main surveillance agency is employing over 100 afflicted with dyslexia and dyspraxia a... »

U Srinivas: an artiste who put Carnatic on the world map

A file photo of Mandolin U Srinivas. S THANTHONI


On this day of great sadness, I reminisce on my association with U Srinivas. It was proposed that... »
The critical issue

Not allowed!

Born un-free: The powers that be, the gurus and goons are full of counsel for women. Photo: Mohd Arif

Urvashi Butalia

In early 20th century, a number of books were published, mostly written by men, which prescribed... »

Flowers, flowers, beautiful flowers

Change is good: Vishal Bhardwaj is among the few who enrich the text they
adapt from. Photo: PTI

Had I been a smoker, there could have been no better place to light up than in front of the Théâ... »

Jaitley to launch updated tax website

The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will Monday launch an updated and more colourful version of the existing income tax website, making it more user-friendly for taxpayers. There wil... »
Currency Call

Rupee could gain in the short term

Gurumurthy K

The Indian rupee opened on a weak note last week and fell to a low of 61.19 on Thursday. But thereafter, the currency gained strength to close at 60.83, down 0.3 per cent for the week.Th... »


Whose money is it anyway?

Parvatha Vardhini C

If you’re a stock market investor, it’s time you began to pay attention to a neglected item of expense — royalties. Royalty payments by Indian companies to their foreign promoters have been mak... »

Go on, give it all away



Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett isn’t going to leave any money to his children in his last will and testament. Neither is eBbay founder Pierre Omidyar. Nor are New York City Mayor Micha... »
Safe Harbour

Liquid funds haven’t lost all their lustre

Liquid money These funds do not have a lock-in period and carry no entry or exit loads.

Radhika Merwin

The Budget took away most of the tax advantages that debt mutual funds enjoyed over bank products. But if you’re looking to park money for less than a year, liquid funds still make a lot o... »


Scotland’s “no” vote has saved Britain from unravelling, but for how long? Older Scots voted no; the younger voted yes@Chellaney “He says he’s changed, he promises he’ll never hurt m... »

Beware, your data could be kidnapped!

Alka Kshirsagar

The data on computers and smartphones is now increasingly exposed to the threat of being “kidnapped” and can only be retrieved by rightful owners after the ransom has been paid.Malwa... »

Meet Rubi Arya

REITs must deliver double-digit returns

RUBI ARYA, Vice-Chairperson & Director, Milestone Capital Advisors

Meera Siva

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have to offer higher returns over safe investments to make them attractive to investors, says Rubi Arya, Vice-Chairperson & Director, Milestone Capital... »

Portfolio Ideas

Change your behaviour, get to your goals

B Venkatesh

Investing is all about routing your savings into various return-generating products to achieve goals such as buying a house and educating your children. There are several reasons... »

Cutting down

Yet another bet on economic revival

Petronet LNG: Sell


Mobile app for clicking selfie with Isro’s Mangalyaan

Customised tablet devices with prices starting at Rs 5k

Round 2 in Android One war: New phones may hit market by Dec-end

Watch out for the rupee!


Our Call

VA Tech Wabag: Buy

Parvatha Vardhini C, BL Research Bureau

With the economy still showing mixed signals and revival taking its own time, uncertainty on the earnings front remains for many capital goods players. The VA Tech Wabag stock is, howeve... »

Growth optimism

Parvatha Vardhini C

The latest assessment of global economic growth released by the OECD on September 15 says that the US economy could grow strongly in 2014 and 2015, while China will adjust to more sustainable g... »

Flex your muscle

Parvatha Vardhini C

If you’re gnashing your teeth at the games companies play with royalty payments, calm down. Minority shareholders have greater power to question matters related to royalty increases in the new... »

PF Watch

Changes in EPF Scheme could affect you

Alok Agrawal

When the Ministry of Labour and Employment conducted a recent study, it found that a number of employees in sectors such as banks, construction, services and so on did not enjoy any provident f... »

The low-down on joint fixed deposits

Parvatha Vardhini C

We all open fixed deposits with banks − sometimes in joint names, sometimes with nominations, sometimes with neither. But will the money reach the intended hands without any hitches at a later... »

Smart Money

Bank on royal treatment

Gurumurthy K

Visiting a bank and waiting for hours to make transactions can often turn out to be tiring. Opting to become a priority bank customer can cut this bother entirely. Priority banking is a... »

Raw Input

Supply bounty leaves palm oil flat

Bhavana Acharya

Palm oil has seen better days. Crude palm oil prices are at their lowest in five years. This versatile vegetable oil is used as inputs for everything — from cosmetics to confectionery, f... »
Commodity Call

Pulses set for a bull run

G Chandrashekhar

The stage is set for the market sentiment on pulses to change. For an extended period of time, farm-gate prices have been ruling at or around the minimum support price. Indeed, chana or gram (desi... »

Your taxes


Sanjiv Chaudhary

I am 25 and my mother transferred some shares from her demat account to my demat account a few months back. What would be the tax implications, if any, on this tran... »
Future Perfect

Sell a call option in Arvind

KS Badri Narayanan

The long-term outlook remains positive for Arvind, as long as it trades above ₹245. After recording a new peak at ₹341.5 recently, the stock has come under pressure. The stock finds immediate resi... »

High Five: SBI (₹2,568.5)

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services: Sell

IDFC Premier Equity: HOLD

Where Angels love to tread

Mobile app for clicking selfie with Isro’s Mangalyaan

Index outlook: Choppy trading on the cards

It’s a clear signal to sell

Franklin India Corporate Bond Opportunities: BUY

Watch out for Titan’s glitter

BL Ink


Unknown banker

Ravi Subramanian

Hari Nadkarni was sweating by the time he reached home. Obesity, cholesterol, diabetes and other... »

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