B. S. Raghavan joined the West Bengal IAS cadre in 1952 and was the Commissioner of various Departments. He also served as the Chief Secretary of Tripura. He was Director, Political and Security Policy Planning in the Union Home Ministry and the Secretary, National Integration Council during the period of the first four Prime Ministers. He was a US Congressional Fellow and Policy Adviser to UN (FAO), and Chairman of three UN Committees. He has been chief executive of four major public sector enterprises. He is now a columnist and author, connected with social service and educational organisations.

Yeddyurappa shows the way for his ilk

Dr Subramanian Swamy has taken the great trouble of rummaging through old Supreme Court judgments to buttress his demand, made in a public statement, that the former Chief Minister of Karnataka, M... »

Setting right relations at the top

The two most delicate and sensitive sets of provisions of India's Constitution pertain to the relations between the President and the Prime Minister at the Centre and the Governors and Chief Minis... »

Team Anna is in need of counselling!

Anna Hazare and the members of his team, comprising Messrs.Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal and Ms.Kiran Bedi, are committing the grievous blunder of disregarding the people's... »

Globalisation is no cure for world's ills

It used to be the fashion of economists to shower paeans of praise on globalisation as the panacea for world's ills. The so-called Washington Consensus, unilaterally thrust down the thro... »

When will India have its own Jobs?

Steve Jobs is dead. I wanted to make history by saying just that in this column and dramatically leaving the rest of the allotted space blank. I couldn't at first think of anything more to say.... »

Feeling unequal in the midst of equals

The dimensions of the four simultaneous revolutions — Internet, information, communications and social media — sweeping the world are mind-boggling: More than two billion are on the Internet with... »

Modi as PM: The ifs and buts

The widespread recognition Gujarat, under Mr Narendra Modi as Chief Minister, has received in India and abroad, in ensuring effective service-delivery and corruption-free governance and a rising le... »

Explanation or exercise in self-delusion?

If indeed the attachment to the Office Memorandum is an inter-Ministerial background paper, it ought to have been distributed to all the participants, whereas the OM and its enclosure were clearly sent only to the PMO. »

Subtleties of bureaucratic practices

The Office Memorandum (OM) No.F.No.3/11/2011—Inf(Part) dated March 25, 2011 of the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance, sent under the signature of Dr P. G. S. Rao, Deputy Di... »

Factor the unthinkable into security plans

A time there was when security was construed in strictly narrow terms of protecting public figures or private individuals from being hurt, kidnapped or killed, or a piece of property from being da... »
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