Customer service, the most important weapon

“Whenever we have a problem, we never accept either/or thinking. We try to figure out a solution that gets both things. You can invent your way out of any box if you believe that you can.” »

The horizon vocabulary

Corporate short-termism is negatively associated with the extent to which long-term investors hold a firm's stock, report Francois Brochet, Maria Loumioti and George Serafeim of Harvard Bu... »

Effectiveness of tax amnesty

Repeated use of voluntary disclosure initiatives may result in diminishing returns, opines Leandra Lederman in a paper titled, ‘The use of voluntary disclosure initiatives in the battle... »

From CFO to CEO

There are ‘8 ways' to move from CFO to CEO, and what tops the list is to focus on the opportunity, says Peter Bartram in “An ambitious CFO should consciously se... »

Say ‘No' to stay focussed

If you can say ‘yes' to rewinding to the past, here is Inside Steve's Brain: Business lessons from Steve Jobs, the man who saved Apple by Leander Kahney, which distils the principles that gu... »

The internet goldmine

Ever heard of an Internet application that allows you to monitor the status of washers and dryers in connected laundry rooms? Well, that is what promised to do, as Marc Ostro... »

Secrecy can be expensive

A research paper that can keep you awake is ‘Accounting for Secrets' by Mark Harrison of University of Warwick ( “The Soviet state counted people, resources – a... »

Meaning of ‘education'

Educational institution, for the purpose of tax exemption, would not mean only institutions recognised by any university or board but also any institution engaged in systematic imparting o... »

Illusions of expert forecasts

You would expect those who predict the future to be right in their forecasts but the simple observation of Daniel Kahneman is that they make many errors, not because the world is unpredictable, bu... »

Strategies of successful brands

In 1992, a research firm gave a market report to Bharti Airtel. Talking about it in a media interview, in 2000, Sunil Mittal reminisced that the report had spoken of a market for 5,000 cellular pho... »
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