Judging Manmohan Singh

The real way to judge Dr Singh is not by what he was not able to do but by what he did manage to do — quietly neutralise Sonia Gandhi, not once but twice. »

Is the Prime Minister a teapot?

Mommy, Congress President; Sonny, Prime Minister. How would we be different from North Korea? »

‘Yeh to so gaya”

So we have two options: One is to reduce the workload on Dr Singh; the other is to get someone younger as PM. »

Prime Ministerial rope trick

We replaced the king or queen with a President. But it suffered from a fatal flaw. Would the Prime Minister collude with the President of the country or the party? »

Maunam Mohanam

The issue is really how much benefit of doubt should be given to a PM. And that boils down to just one thing eventually: The sort of person the PM is. »

Mother, Son and the Wily Ghost

The image of a somnambulant, powerless, and ineffective prime minister is changing. »

Sonium sharanam gachchami

It is not the Opposition a PM has to fear, but his or her party colleagues. »

The PM's blunt instruments

In a very large measure, the effete PMO is responsible for the Prime Minister's indecisiveness. That is ironic because he always knows what he wants. He also knows how to get it. »

He's got the action, he's got the motion…

…Oh yeah, the boy can play.Two weeks ago, this column had suggested that the time had come for the Prime Minister to redeem himself. He has done so with such a characteristically... »

Manmohan Singh and his Keystone Cops

As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh delivered what may well have been his last Independence Day oration from the Red Fort, his mood was perhaps like that of Napoleon urging on his recalcitran... »
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