S.S.Tarapore, an economist, joined the Reserve Bank of India in 1961 as Research Officer and retired in 1996 as Deputy Governor. Since retirement he has been associated with a number of official committees and has been a financial columnist in various financial dailies since 1997. At present he is a fortnightly columnist with the Hindu Business Line.

A policy with clarity of purpose

It is gratifying to see the RBI’s commitment to inflation as well as its attempts to tweak repo borrowing norms »

The RBI should look beyond short term

Not much has moved on the macroeconomic front and, hence, the next policy review should focus on long-term goals »

Wrong prescription for weak banks

United Bank of India is not an isolated case of failure. India’s weak banks have been pushed into lending beyond their means »

Some not-so-interim concerns

The measures announced in the Interim Budget can become a burden for the next government »

A new framework for monetary policy

The Urjit Patel panel’s recommendations on institutional reforms should be taken seriously »

Nuts and bolts of financial inclusion

The Nachiket Mor panel calls for an overhaul of the system to reach out to the unbanked. »

Banks given too long a rope

There is a limit to the state bailing out failing banks. The RBI’s Financial Stability Report candidly points out the faultlines. »

Wait and watch won’t work

The difficulty is that monetary policy action is already delayed; further delay only makes future action that much more difficult. »

No escaping tight money policy

It’s pretty straightforward: With inflation generalised across sectors, high interest rates are the logical response. »

Let’s go back to good old gold

Given the uncertain global currency environment, there is a genuine need for a proactive gold reserves policy. »
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