S.S.Tarapore, an economist, joined the Reserve Bank of India in 1961 as Research Officer and retired in 1996 as Deputy Governor. Since retirement he has been associated with a number of official committees and has been a financial columnist in various financial dailies since 1997. At present he is a fortnightly columnist with the Hindu Business Line.

Monetary policy: new rules, new actors

A proactive government role should not result in the RBI losing its powers altogether »

A Budget that compromises the fisc

The growth assumptions are ambitious and the rise in expenditure excessive »

Fiscal and social balance can go together

The Budget should do away with sops that favour the well-heeled. This will reduce inequalities »

Power packed monetary policy

The central bank has taken a holistic approach in its latest review, blending global trends and local realities »

A misinformed policy debate

To argue that repo rate is a matter of life and death for industry, or that the fiscal deficit is no big deal, is sheer nonsense »

You just can’t beat gold!

Even now it is not too late for emerging economies to get into the game. Gold trumps reserve currencies, any day »

The right moves on deposit insurance

A ‘resolution corporation’ for this purpose is a good idea, but it needs to be well funded »

A new entente on monetary policy?

A stable and lasting policy can evolve only if there’s mutual respect and understanding between the RBI and the government »

The FSLRC report is seriously flawed

Is that surprising, given that it was caught in the clash between the UPA and the RBI? »

Beating inflation is a tightrope walk

This is not the time for RBI to relent on interest rates. That may ratchet up inflationary expectations all over again »
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