When it comes to customer satisfaction, Rakhibazaar.com never leaves any stone unturned. In 2022, Rakhi Bazaar is all set to give an everlasting experience of a fulfilling Raksha Bandhan to its virtual family across the globe.

Our team of supremely talented and experienced people works together always to drop the best, unique, and exquisite collection that everyone desires on Raksha Bandhan. We know the needs of our people and hence deliver what people dream of. That is why Rakhibazaar.com has effortlessly managed to be on the top regarding the best online portal for Raksha Bandhan shopping.

This year, we have also launched our latest rakhi collection that is crafted with love, laced with emotions, and brought to life with the celebrations of our millions of customers. Here’s what Rakhi Bazaar has in its bag this year for bigger and better festive celebrations:

Adequately Auspicious:

Festivals are meant to spread positivity, prosperity, and auspiciousness everywhere. This is why having auspicious rakhis on the Raksha Bandhan is a must. Here is Rakhi bazaar’s latest auspicious rakhi collection:

1.Rudraksha rakhi: New patterns of Rudraksha Rakhi with the same old significance and blessings of Lord Shiva. Modified designs of Rudraksha Rakhi for Shiva devotees to get his blessings on Raksha Bandhan.

2.Mor Pankh Rakhi: A Mor Pankh is known to lure everyone with its charm and natural beauty. Rakhi Bazaar has attempted to bring the exact beauty of a Mor Pankh in its rakhi designs and is successful in doing so.

3.Sandalwood Rakhi: Ain’t no celebration without some holy fragrance in the air. A new collection of sandalwood rakhi with many beautiful designs and latest patterns with a more pleasant smell of the sacred sandalwood.

Om Rakhi, Swastika Rakhi, Ganesh rakhi, every section of our auspicious rakhi collection has been upgraded and modified for a magnificent Raksha Bandhan celebration.

Distinctly Designer:

Rakhi Bazaar understands the need to leave a mark on all who look at your rakhi, which is possible only through our latest designer rakhi collection. Our designer rakhi has wide varieties too, and each type has a new addition this time:

  1. Silver rakhi: Indian festivals are all about shimmer, glamour, shine, and glow, and it’s essential to have a rakhi with all such qualities on Raksha Bandhan. Supremely beautiful, perfectly polished, and adequately shiny, our silver rakhi range is on the floors to lavish your Raksha Bandhan celebrations exactly with all such qualities
  2. Pearl Rakhi: Pearls are the best example of beauty in simplicity. It’s insane how they mesmerize everyone around them with their simple and unaltered beauty. In 2022, expect to see some of the never seen designs of pearl rakhi made with simple pearl beads and colorful threads.
  3. Premium Stone Rakhi: Premium stone rakhi is a collection of two types of rakhis. One, where shiny stones are studded on a rakhi, and the other, where the rakhis are decorated with colorful natural rocks. And both these categories have been updated with our new collection. After all, what’s better than something as natural as stones being given a makeover and used in celebrations. And nothing’s more pleasing to the eye than shiny stones studded on a rakhi.

The entire range of golden rakhi, veera rakhi, handcrafted rakhi, and all sorts of designer rakhis have something brand new in their collection for everyone. 

Luxuriously Lumba:

Lumba rakhis are tied to the sister-in-law. The ritual is practiced to show respect towards your sister-in-law and strengthen your bond with her. There is no limit to designing a Lumba Rakhi; hence, Rakhi Bazaar limitlessly created and modified Lumba rakhis. New patterns where you can find lots and lots of colors of Lumba Rakhis that can be worn on any occasion and with every outfit even after Raksha Bandhan is over.

Kinetically Kids:

Kids are the most energetic creatures in every household. Their excitement at festivals is next level, and there’s no fun without some drama, blabbering, and tantrums thrown by the junior citizens of the house. So, lavishing the kids’ rakhi collection with new designs is a must. Here’s what’s new for them:

  1. Superman rakhi: Their favorite superhero rakhi got a makeover and is all set to put a smile on their faces with its latest collection.
  2. Minion Rakhi: The mini monsters want something new every time but with their favorite fictional character. This is why our minion rakhi has a new range of better expressions, faces, and designs of minions to impress the mini brothers on Raksha Bandhan.
  3. Chota Bheem Rakhi: The favorite traditional superhero of kids is back with a bang and has a new style of impressing everyone. Improved quality and a wide range of Chota Bheem rakhi are all set to steal the hearts of your kiddo.
  4. Mickey Mouse rakhi: The original gangster and one of the oldest cartoon characters is back with its fresh collection of Micky mouse rakhis to give your kid the broadest smile with its latest version.

Our kids’ range is waiting to be grabbed by the younger generation celebrating Raksha Bandhan. Everyone will love each new addition to this category, baby brothers or nephews, because that’s how they are designed.

Collectively Quirky:

A Quirky range is the one that challenges the ordinary and dares to be different. Nowadays, everyone wants to be different and stand out from the crowd. Our Quirky rakhi collection helps such people with quirky rakhi design, and the newest addition to this range is a sight to behold. Brace yourself to grab the best collection regarding quality and quantity of quirky rakhis.

Apart from that, our personalized gift hampers, customized goodies collection, Raksha Bandhan essentials, all of these categories are introduced with the most recent trends and styles never seen before. Our collection is live; people worldwide can order rakhi from rakhibazaar.com anytime. From Rakhi to USA by Rakhi Bazaar to sending rakhi locally in India, Rakhibazaar.com is all set to help its millions of customers celebrate a promising Raksha Bandhan and give everyone a lifetime of experience.

About the Company:

Launched in 2013, Rakhibazaar.com has been one of the first online rakhi portals to deliver the choicest rakhis worldwide for almost a decade. Their wide range of various rakhi designs has become the choice of millions. Rakhi bazaar has played and is still playing a prominent role in strengthening sibling bonds and has helped people living abroad celebrate a fulfilled Raksha Bandhan.

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