Brands and the Olympic Games

Harish Bhat | Updated on March 12, 2018

Test and improve your knowledge with this interesting quiz…


1.Which brand is the timing and scoring sponsor of the London Olympics 2012 ?

2.A brand which was sponsor of the first modern Olympics, held in Athens in 1896, is also a sponsor of the London Olympics 2012. Which brand are we talking about ?

3.The sponsorship of the London Olympics 2012 by Dow Chemicals whipped up a storm of protest, and a possible boycott by India was also being spoken about at one time, because of this company’s links to the Bhopal Gas Leak Tragedy. What exactly is Dow Chemicals sponsoring at the London Olympics ?

4.When were the Olympic Games broadcast live in colour on television, for the first time ?

5.Which brands are the presenting partners of the Olympic Torch Relay for the forthcoming London Olympics ?

6.What is the link between obesity, brands and the London Olympics ?

7.In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, which brand of cigarettes generated more than US $ 1 million in revenues for the Olympic Organising Committee ?

8.Which brand is reported to have implemented a successful “ambush marketing” campaign at the 2000 Sydney Olympics ?

9.What did McDonalds do at the 1968 Winter Olympic Games, which has continued at every Olympics thereafter ?

10.Which famous brand is not a sponsor of the Olympics, however its name and inspiration features on Olympic medals ?


1.Omega. This watch brand, owned by the Swatch group, has been the timing and scoring sponsor of the Olympics for several years. Omega is also famous as the watch sported by James Bond.

2.Kodak. This brand of films and photography was sponsor in 1896, and is a sponsor of Olympics 2012.

3.Dow Chemicals is sponsoring the Olympic stadium wrap. This is a decorative curtain, made of material produced by Dow, which will wrap the Olympic Stadium in London.

4.The first colour telecast of the Olympic Games were of the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. Today, brands advertise significantly during these telecasts, across the world.

5.Coca Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung are the presenting partners.

6.Coca Cola and McDonalds are brand sponsors of the London Olympics. A doctors’ body, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, has attacked their sponsorship of the Games, claiming that these brands are not doing enough to combat obesity, which is becoming a widespread health problem.

7.Olympia Cigarettes, named quite appropriately after the Olympics. However, tobacco sponsorship is now banned.

8.QANTAS Airlines. Their slogan “The Spirit of Australia”, was strikingly similar to the slogan of the 2000 Olympic Games, which was “Share the Spirit”.

9.McDonalds airlifted hamburgers to the U.S. athletes participating in the 1968 Winter Olympics at Grenoble, France, after it was reported that many of these athletes were homesick for McDonalds. Thereafter, the brand has consistently served a menu of choice, including burgers, to athletes, their families and friends at subsequent Olympics.

10.Nike. While this famous brand of shoes is not an Olympic sponsor, the picture of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory, has featured on one side of every Olympic medal, in most editions of the Olympic Games.

(Harish Bhat works with Titan Industries Limited. He is also an avid quizzer.)

Published on May 02, 2012

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