Ema, a developer of generative AI solutions for enterprises, has raised $25 million funding from Accel, Section 32, and Prosus Ventures, with participation from Wipro Ventures, Venture Highway, AME Cloud Ventures, Frontier Ventures, Maum Group, and Firebolt Ventures.

The company also launched a ‘universal AI employee’, designed to emulate the capabilities of a human employee such as engage in conversations, comprehend context, take continuous human feedback, reason, make informed decisions, and collaborate with human employees on complex projects.

The AI employee performs complex tasks across different domains with a high level of trust and accuracy, enhancing tech adoption and boosting productivity, the company said. It is built as a single platform that integrates with hundreds of enterprise apps and saves countless hours typically needed for onboarding new technology.

“Our mission is to transform enterprises and empower every employee to work faster with the help of simple-to-activate, accurate and trustworthy AI employees. We are delighted to emerge from stealth with the support of blue-chip institutional investors, renowned angels, multiple happy customers and an incredible talent pool of machine learning engineers. We are just starting out on a journey that will change how humans and synthetic intelligence interact to build a more collaborative, productive and fulfilling workplace!” said Surojit Chatterjee, Founder and CEO of Ema.

Generative Workflow EngineTM (GWE), which powers Ema’s AI employees, also called Personas, can generate new workflows with a conversational description of the problem by breaking the problem down into subtasks.

“At Ema, we automate complex enterprise tasks with simple conversations. The outstanding team driving Ema’s innovation is led by a visionary founder, whom I’ve known for nearly a decade. We’re excited to back this team in their pursuit for efficiency and innovation,” said Subrata Mitra, partner at Accel.

The Ema leadership team also includes Souvik Sen, Co-Founder and Head of Engineering, and Swati Trehan, Head of Strategy and Operations.