AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes ‎wants to quit Twitter, as he thinks he is spending too much time in this social media.

‎"Reaching 50 years old. I think time for me to quit Twiter. Think I spend too much time on it. It's been awesome but time to move on,"‎ he tweeted this morning.

‎With nearly 9.36 lakh followers, Fernandes is one of the most prolific professionals in the airline industry to use Twitter to communicate his thoughts.

Fernandes had started tweeting since December 7, 2008. He has so far posted 10,993 messages.

In fact, he broke most of the company's announcements in Twitter. This includes the appointment of Air Asia India CEO Mittu Chandilya.

In a press meet in Chennai once he had said:, "I tweet so much as I get very good response from you [the media] guys on Twitter."

He broke the news of joint venture with the Tatas‎ on the Twitter. "Tatas went mad when I announced the joint venture on Twitter. Later they called me, hey, put this on Twitter. The first time, they thought we were crazy," Fernandes said.

Following Fernandes' decision to quit Twitter, his followers urged him to reconsider his decision.

‎"There is too much hatred & anger in this sphere. They need sensible voices & the words of wisdom too," said Johan Jaffaar.

"Wise words," Fernandes responded immediately.