Anil Nutrients Ltd (ANL), an agro nutrients maker arm of Ahmedabad-based Anil Group has entered into technological partnership with Navsari Agricultural University (NAU), Gujarat, for developing organic plant growth nutrients. The partnership will also extend for research towards increasing the yield of sugarcane crop over the next 2 years.

The company also plans to tie-up with few other universities in Punjab and Tamil Nadu for other crops and for the research in the similar fields. It has already started trials of Plant Growth Promoters (PGP) at the tea gardens in Darjeeling, a company statement said.

ANL has entered into an agreement with the Sikkim Government for application of growth nutrients in two different locations across Sikkim for enhanced vegetable cultivation. 

Nilesh Thakar, Executive Director-Business Operations of the company said, “We are in the process of tying up with various agriculture universities across India as we want to ensure that our produce is recognised by agro-scientists and that it goes through the required processes of scientific approvals and technical recognition. Since the PGPs are organic in nature, they improve the overall health of the soil by increasing soil micro flora.”

“We have growth nutrients available to replace the conventional urea, potash, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and NPK.” he said.

Thakar also added that the company’s products are an in-house development with certification from Ecocert India Pvt. Ltd., which authenticates such products as ‘Organic’. 

Anil Group’s flagship firm, Anil Ltd is a BSE-listed starch and derivatives manufacturer.