Global healthcare provider, Aster DM Healthcare on Thursday announced the launch of its Telecommand Centre and Digital Health, India office in Bengaluru.

The centre will offer a range of services including virtual consultations, remote patient monitoring, teleICU, teleradiology, and telemedicine-enabled interventions. Through the facility, doctors and nurses can remotely monitor and treat patients in real-time, providing expert care and guidance from a distance.

“The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how well digital health can make a difference to patient care. We see a great synergy with our existing healthcare portfolio and are further setting up similar centres in Kerala and the Andhra region to further extend our reach to provide quality care,” Dr. Nitish Shetty, Chief Executive Officer, Aster DM Healthcare (India) stated.

The facility will revolutionize the way healthcare providers deliver remote care to patients around the world, features the latest technology, and is staffed by a team of skilled medical professionals, according to a company press release.

“With the new initiative, we can now offer the expertise of our talented medical professionals beyond physical boundaries to patients and professionals across the world,” said Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman, and Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare.

The company is also working on embedding advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities, to gain insights and improve the quality of care over time, according to Dr. Harsha Rajaram, COO of Aster Digital Health.