The lockdown has prompted many brands to come to the rescue of a diverse customer base with contactless services, doorstep repair services and remote diagnostic services, to name a few.

After-sales services firm, Onsitego, is offering free remote troubleshooting services including support for software issues, booting and settings-related issues for mobile phones and laptops. The company’s remote support team is also available to sort out problems for air-conditioners and water purifiers.

“As per estimates, more than five million mobile phones, 70,000 refrigerators and 50,000 plus television sets have piled up for repair and servicing in India during the lockdown enforced to control the spread of coronavirus. Additionally, over 30,000 microwave ovens, ACs, washing machine complaints are registered, which are pending repair. Additionally, we have launched paid on-demand doorstep repairs services in green zones for mobile phones, laptops, air-conditioners and water purifiers” Abhinav Patwa, Vice President, Onsitego told BusinessLine .

Pointing out that penetration of extended warranty services in India is at a low 5 per cent, Patwa said, “We have launched AMC (annual maintenance contract) services for air conditioners and water purifiers for those who don’t have extended warranty.”

In order to support customers in these restricted times, Acer India is offering a ‘Book Now Pay Later’ option on its e-store. “This option allows customers to get priority delivery across a wide portfolio of laptops, accessories, monitors and projectors, for which they pay only when shipment is ready for their location” said Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head, Acer India.

Contactless ordering

Similarly, TVS Srichakra has introduced a new e-ordering feature in its retailer app ‘TVS Eurogrip Bandhan’. “The “Click to Order” feature that we have launched will enable our retail partners to place orders at their convenience and not necessarily wait for a salesman’s visit. We have built-in new exciting features to make the process more user-friendly for our trade partners. This contactless ordering process will be particularly handy in the coming few months when travel of salesmen across territories may be an issue owing to Covid-19 restrictions,” said P Madhavan, EVP – Sales & Marketing, TVS Srichakra.

Corporate food services firm, Elior India, that provided 2,10,000 meals a day to corporates pre-Covid, has introduced El Chef a digitalised cafeteria app, that allows employees to choose from the menu listed on the app, place an order and pay for it on the app from their desk itself, thereby avoiding crowding the cafeterias, with no wait time as employees get notified when the order is ready. “There will be no more buffets. We are ready with our new meal plan for a post-Covid world, which will consist of pre-packaged, traceable, single-serve meals with limited items (6-8) compared to over 14 items earlier” said Sanjay Kumar, CEO and MD, Elior India.

Besides tying up with Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo for contactless home deliveries, Havmor Ice Cream has started its own home delivery initiative under to deliver ice creams within 24 hours. “In Bengaluru, we have started a pilot project for apartments where the entire apartment block can place a digital order using Google Forms. The idea is to fulfil customer demand in the best possible way, so that our patrons don’t have to sacrifice on having their favourite ice cream brand” said Anindya Dutta, MD, Havmor Ice Cream.