Cadila Pharmaceuticals on Monday launched the Cadiflu Tetra Vaccine, an advanced Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine, to prevent influenza, a recurrent, widespread and debilitating viral infection.  

The vaccine is approved by DCGI for use in adults and children, the company stated in a statement. The Cadiflu Tetra Vaccine aims to reduce the incidence of influenza illness, mitigate the severity of the disease in affected individuals, and decrease the transmission of the infection to others. This vaccine development also holds promise for enhancing the protection of pregnant women against influenza, contributing to the overall well-being of both mother and child, the release added.

Influenza, commonly known as seasonal flu, is a highly contagious acute respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. These incidents can occur globally at any time of the year, often involving multiple waves lasting for extended periods. Cadiflu Tetra Vaccine targets four strains of the Influenza virus subtype–A and B, responsible for seasonal epidemics. Developed using cutting-edge proprietary technology employing Nano-size particles, the vaccine mimics the external structure of the virus without containing intact genetic material.

Dr. Rajiv I Modi, Chairman and Managing Director, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, stated, “Our commitment to advancing healthcare has led us to develop the Cadiflu Tetra Vaccine, a testament to our dedication to addressing the evolving needs of patients globally, using next generation technology. Influenza is a global concern, and our goal is to provide a robust solution that not only protects vulnerable population but also contributes to overall strengthening of public health defence against influenza outbreaks.” 

The vaccine carries hemagglutinin (HA), neuraminidase (NA) and matrix 1 (M1) proteins from the respective strains aggregated together in a single formulation. The VLP vaccine replicates the external structure of the viruses but does not contain any live genetic substance, which can cause viral replication and infection. Therefore, this vaccine is qualitatively superior and has a better safety profile, the company stated.