CEAT Ltd’s Halol plant has been awarded the ‘Lighthouse Certification’ by the World Economic Forum.

The certification is given to manufacturers that use fourth-industrial revolution technologies to transform factories, value chains, and business models for sustainability, empowering the workforce and increase in productivity.

“We are the first tyre company in the world to get the certification and this journey started 3-4 years back. To get certified one has to use fourth industrial revolution technology that includes advanced analytics, machine learning, and predictive analytics in their plant,” said Anant Goenka, Managing Director, CEAT Ltd.

The technologies are used to improve equality, efficiency, factory parameters, and productivity of the plant.

“Checks and audits are undertaken by the members of the World Economic Forum. The fourth industrial revolution came with digitisation, using sensors in different parts of the machine that enables it to become the smart machine. It reduces the use of energy in the factor,” said Goenka.

Halol plant expansion

The plant is located on 116.2 acres and manufactures car radial and truck bus radial tyres. The plant increased its stock-keeping units from 200 in FY18 to 282 in FY22.

After the recent expansion of the plant, it now has a capacity of 1,40,000 truck radial tyres manufactured every month. The Halol plant has reduced its energy consumption by 45 per cent.

Servicing OEM and international markets

With the use of the latest technology, CEAT is aiming to advance its OEM and international market.

“Important markets that we are looking into growing is the OEM market where the demand from automakers is present and second is the international market. Both sets are the customers that need high type specifications in terms of production of tyres especially,” added Goenka.