Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai are among the top 50 cities providing a beneficial business environment for women entrepreneurs, according to the findings of Dell Technologies’ 2023 Women Entrepreneur Cities (WE Cities) Index.

According to the report, Delhi has demonstrated significant improvement over its score in 2017 by offering a skilled workforce and cost benefits, making it a preferred city for women-led businesses. Mumbai is a new entrant to this list and Bengaluru is one of the top 10 cities in the world which provides accessibility and inclusive policies.

The report ranked 55 global cities based on their ability to attract and foster high-potential women entrepreneurs (HPWE) who want to start and scale a business. This year’s index had 90 indicators across two categories and 5 pillars including an equality sub-pillar.

Swati Mishra, Director and GM, Small Businesses, Dell Technologies India said, “The WE Cities report not only illustrates the rise of women entrepreneurs in India but also addresses the gaps in access to resources and opportunities to truly unleash their full potential. The pandemic has tightened the correlation between talent and technology.

Women entrepreneurs view technology skills as vital but compete with understanding to be able to navigate through the digital age. The report establishes technology’s inclusive role to connect all aspects of business and Dell Technologies is committed to supporting and advancing women entrepreneurs around the world to network, build capabilities, and scale their businesses.”

Optimum conditions

Delhi has the highest momentum score compared to 2017, the base year. Momentum score provides insights into how a city is progressing compared to its history, and that of others. Factors such as growing population, low cost of living, and availability of skilled workforce have resulted in significant improvement for Delhi’s score.   

Delhi also benefits from a skilled workforce, ranking 6th in the share of the population with tertiary education. Some potential areas of improvement include increasing the labour force participation rate among women which stands at 16.1 per cent and is significantly lower than many global cities. 

Bengaluru is ranked fifth in the top ten operating environments list. This is the first time Bengaluru has appeared on this list, ahead of Paris and Washington DC, and other cities. Bengaluru provides market size, cost, access, and policies that can benefit and accelerate the growth of women entrepreneurs. 

Bengaluru has a momentum score of 58.5 and falls under the “Cities on the radar” category of progress. This category is a list of 13 up-and-coming cities that have the potential to host some of the cities’ women entrepreneurs. Further, along with Montpellier, Auckland, Wellington, and Hamburg, Mumbai has also been inducted into the WE Cities Index.