Malaysian clean energy solutions provider Gentari is keen on expanding in India, focusing on utility-scale renewable energy (RE) projects, manufacturing green hydrogen, public EV charging infra, and leasing EVs to logistics companies.

Part of Malaysia’s state-owned oil and gas major Petroliam Nasional Berhad or Petronas, Gentari has three core portfolios: renewable energy, hydrogen, and green mobility.

Gentari CEO Sushil Purohit emphasised that the company is positioning itself as an integrated clean energy provider targeting the three segments globally.

“We are looking at India as a key market. It is cost competitive and has scale. India has vast resources for wind and solar. We are looking at India to produce green hydrogen and export it. I think it is possible that India will become a significant market for green hydrogen. With India also consuming hydrogen, it will provide scale, which will bring down costs. This will make it competitive globally,” he told businessline.


Purohit said, “In renewables, we plan to have capacities of 30-40 gigawatts (GW), including in India. We will focus on utility-scale solar and wind projects. Similarly, we aim to produce 1.2 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) of green hydrogen. Besides, we will also expand the EV charging infra business, including leasing EVs to companies.”

In India, through Amplus Solar, Gentari has already deployed 1.4 GW of RE projects, serving more than 300 commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. The company is now looking to further strengthen this business.

“We would like to develop our own projects here. At the same time, we also collaborate with players. We look at the possibility of acquiring projects and companies, if they are the right fix. We will reveal them once all formalities are done. Amplus Solar will be a part of Gentari. So, all the renewable companies will be consolidated under Gentari,” Purohit added.

Green hydrogen and EVs

In the green mobility segment, Gentari has deployed 162 charging points in seven charging hubs across four cities, which it will scale up to ten cities by 2023-end, Purohit said.

“We also have Vehicle As A Service (VAAS) offering where we have deployed close to 1,000 electric three-wheelers in India. We are now looking to scale it up by 2023-end to 4,000 three and four-wheelers across 10 cities,” he added.

This is an EV leasing service for logistics companies where Gentari invests in the vehicles and lets its partners operate them.

For green hydrogen, Gentari has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. “We are doing feasibility projects on producing green hydrogen and converting it to ammonia and also looking at exports. We are also discussing collaboration with our partners here. We are progressing well on feasibility studies, the CEO said.