Gerdau, one of the leading suppliers of special steels in the world has decided to adopt six villages in and around its manufacturing unit in Tadipatri in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

The move is expected to boost the 'Smart Village-Smart Ward' programme of the State Government which aims at comprehensive development of the areas with local people’s participation.

Executives of Gerdau met the District Collector Kona Sashidar and discussed the smart village project with particular reference to the six villages – Jambulapadu, Challavaripalli, Veerapuram, Hussainpuram, Bodaipalli and Gannevaripalli.

The company intends to address those needs for a better lifestyle of the people, by providing sanitation facilities, safe drinking water, and facilities for the children in schools, ensuring regular power, etc., according to Sridhar Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director of Gerdau Steel India.

In addition the company’s recent skill development programme focuses on providing training and internship opportunities to students as well as qualified trainees, to enhance the skilled workforce in Tadipatri and surrounding areas, a press release said.