GSK Consumer Healthcare is launching its global toothpaste brand Parodontax in India, to strengthen its oral care portfolio.

The company, which has been focusing on Sensodyne in the tooth sensitivity space over the last decade, now wants to replicate this success with Parodontax, which is its specialised gum care toothpaste brand.

Anurita Chopra, Area Marketing Director, Oral Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare said the company believes it will address a gap in the oral care segment in the country, with its specialised product for gum care.

“Today, one in four adults suffer from gum problems, yet are unaware of the existence and need of specialised gum care toothpastes. We decided to bridge the gap with the introduction of Parodontax,” she added.

The premium toothpaste brand is being launched with two variants which includes Parodontax Ultra Clean and Parodontax Daily Fluoride and will be priced at ₹115 for 75 gm. “The product will be available at retail stores, pharmacies and e-commerce platforms. We will initially start with the top cities and gradually expand the physical distribution across the country in a phased manner,” she added.

“Globally, Parodontax has been one of the fastest growing brands in the past three years, in the overall oral healthcare portfolio for the company. We believe it has high potential to become one of the fastest growing brands in the country too,” Chopra said.

Even as consumers are battling with uncertain economic times during the pandemic, spends on health and hygiene categories have surged. “Consumers are looking for simple solutions that they can buy easily especially during the pandemic times,” she added.

The company’s Oral Health portfolio in India also includes the newly introduced Polident adhesive designed for denture wearers.

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