Japanese C2C marketplace, Mercari, Inc. is all set to establish a Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru, which is expected to leverage Mercari’s network between Japan and India to support international breakthroughs.  

The centre which will be fully operational in June 2022, will house around 50 to 60 software engineers and other tech talent workers to develop IT service solutions for Mercari’s domestic business in Japan as well as for Mercari US. Over the next couple of years, Mercari is looking to grow its India operations as their third largest base following Japan and US.  

“As a company that incorporates diverse perspectives, India will continue to remain a key focus area for Mercari, given the highly qualified and vast talent pool that is available in the country. Mercari has been actively recruiting from India and at present, roughly 50 per cent of the engineers at Mercari’s Tokyo office comprises non-Japanese engineers. Strategic software development requirements for Mercari will be carried out at this Centre of Excellence in conjunction with software developers at Mercari in Japan and the US. Over the next few years, we plan to increase our headcount to support Mercari’s international endeavors and will look to recruit talent mainly from Bengaluru.” said Ken Wakasa, Mercari, Inc. 

New businesses

In addition to its core businesses, Mercari has launched new businesses namely Mercoin, Inc. its crypto-asset and blockchain business, and its logistics service Merlogi, Inc. The India Centre for Excellence will provide tech support to these businesses as well. Mercari’s Centre of Excellence in India will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercari, Inc. led by Ken Wakasa, Managing Director, along with Mohan Bhatkar, Head of Engineering and Junichi Nozaki, Head of Corporate. 

Mercari is a Japan-based C2C (customer to customer) marketplace company founded in 2013 where customers can buy and sell anything.