Jio Financial Services Chairman, K.V. Kamath, said the company, a full-service financial player, would aim to optimise digital opportunities and be a digital first institution.

“India is in a growth momentum like we have possibly not seen in our history. And it would not be incorrect to say that in the next eight or nine years, we should double our GDP from where it is, to around $8 trillion. That is the India opportunity immediately before us,” Kamath said at the listing ceremony held at the BSE on Monday.

Kamath said there were certain advantages in being a little late to the party. This is because the company can ride on the technological developments already visible and optimise them to the fullest extent.

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“Several achievements in the digital field are already visible. Whether it is straight-through processing in the financial sector, real-time transaction enablement, and so on. It is these digital opportunities that every financial player will seek to optimise, and that is what Jio Financial Services would also aim to do,” said Kamath.

Kamath thanked the regulators, auditors, lawyers and the exchanges who had helped the company list in a very tight time schedule. “Our original timeline was in September, and we are happy that we could come before you in August,” he said.