Fortune 500 company, Lam Research Corporation has announced its plans to expand its global semiconductor fabrication equipment supply chain to include India.

The company is assessing capabilities across various supply chain segments and is exploring India-based suppliers who can collaborate to fulfil the need for precision components, custom parts, high purity gas delivery systems and other assemblies that go into semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment.

As per a statement by the company, the global semiconductor industry is expected to grow to $1 trillion in annual revenue by the end of this decade, according to experts. Lam Research stated that as demand for semiconductors increases, there is an even greater need for collaboration and global engagement of expertise, intellectual property, materials, and talent.

The company has a “close to customer” strategy that drives collaboration with thousands of suppliers around the world. According to the company, this helps it build resilience against region-specific supply chain issues and prevent supply bottlenecks.

Karthik Rammohan, Vice President and Head of Global Operations at Lam Research, said, “Leveraging the infrastructure and talent of our India Center of Engineering, our new proactive initiative to drive supply chain growth in India also has the capacity to contribute to improved performance, sustainability, and enhanced capabilities for our customers regionally and across Asia.”

Rangesh Raghavan, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Lam Research India, said, “By enhancing Lam’s strong global supply infrastructure with capabilities from local suppliers, integrators and other strategic providers, we look to enhance the flexibility of our supply chain, while further supporting the semiconductor ecosystem in India, where Lam has been a proud leader for more than two decades.”

(Inputs from bl intern Vidushi Nautiyal)