Lexus India on Monday opened its Meraki-inspired brand experience space in Vijayawada.

The Lexus Meraki in Vijayawada marks the fifth such lifestyle space of its kind in India, the others being in Gurgaon, Coimbatore, Pune, and Calicut.

The new Meraki-inspired brand space in Vijayawada abides by the promise of offering luxury, novelty, and exceptional hospitality in line with the amazing experience that Lexus stands for,’‘ Naveen Soni, President, Lexus India, said in a release.

M Harshavardhan, Dealer Principal, Lexus Meraki Vijayawada said: “In addition to Lexus Hyderabad and with the establishment of this new brand space, we are positive that this step will further enable us to offer our guests in Vijayawada, a seamless Lexus experience”.