Logistics firm Delhivery has partnered with Reliance-owned fashion and apparel marketplace Ajio to significantly improve their customer experience, the company has announced. The IPO-bound logistics major has partnered with Ajio to launch a technology-based Quality Check Return Product (QC-RVP). 

“The QC-RVP product enables Delhivery’s nearly 26,000 last mile agents to perform stringent quality checks at the customer’s doorstep before returning the shipment to Ajio,” Delhivery said in a statement. It further added that it has successfully increased the resale ability of returned goods from 25 per cent to 98 per cent — boosting margins and reducing waste for Ajio. 

Additionally, it shortened the process of refund remittance to 24 hours from eight days. Through QC-RVP, Delhivery offers customers the option to customise their doorstep quality check process from a checklist of over 20 parameters. For Ajio, these include image test, brand, quantity, color, , among others. 

‘Key partnership’

Ajith Pai, Chief Operating Officer, Delhivery, said, “We have a long-standing partnership with Ajio as its logistics partner and are delighted to work with them to enhance the quality of their supply chain process. Our QC-RVP solution has resulted in a 130 per cent jump in Ajio’s NPS (net promoter score). At Delhivery, we constantly innovate to drive our clients’ business with our capabilities.”

Ashutosh Srivastava, Chief Operating Officer, Ajio, said, “Delhivery is a key partner on logistics and supply chain leg of the consumer journey for Ajio. With joint innovation in technology and operational processes, we have leveraged overall goodness to drive consumer experience. This has enabled better retention metrics for the platform. Customised/consistent tech innovation and implementation on the ground makes Delhivery unique among all other logistic partners. The introduction of the check and pick concept has helped Ajio to expedite swift customer refunds and faster inventory cycling.”