Lord’s Mark Industries, a diversified business group, has opened its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lord’s Mark Microbiotech in Hyderabad.

With this, the company is introducing saliva-based technology for genome testing through its brand MyDNA. The saliva-based test does not require the extraction of blood or a phlebotomist. Through the company’s website, people can order Genome testing kits online which will be delivered within 48 hours and reverse pick up after the test is conducted.

Lord’s Mark Industries also has its patented algorithm called SNAPPY for calculating the Polygenic Risk Score (PRS), which estimates an individual’s genetic risk (predisposition) for a trait or condition. PRS takes the sum (aggregate) of all known common variants to calculate an overall genetic risk for a particular disease. 

“Genome testing is an exciting new area with the potential to revolutionise healthcare in India. Lord’s Mark Microbiotech will focus on preventive Genomic testing for early detection, screening, and personalised interventions for diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, or hereditary condition,’‘ Sachidanand Upadhyay, Founder, Lord’s Mark Industries said in a release.