Lupin Digital Health (LDH), an evidence-based digital therapeutics platform, plans to reach 33 cities in the next three to four months, according to its Chief Executive Officer Sidharth Srinivasan.

“We are now reached out to cardiologists in 21 cities and will cover 80 per cent of them by September as digital therapeutics gives a comprehensive report on the patient’s condition enabling taking a well informed decision,’‘ Srinivasan told businessline in an interaction. 

LDH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lupin, recently launched its digital therapeutics platform, Lyfe, a heart care programme that “reduces’‘ the heart attack risks and improves the cardiac patients’ life quality.

According to Rajesh Khanna, Business Head, LDH about 400 doctors have signed up (to recommend the  Lyfe care programme to the needy) and 60 per cent of them have already recommended it to their patients. 

When asked if a doctor gets any monetary gain for recommending Lyfe to patients, he said, “there will be no monetary gain, but it helps doctors to offer ``better and continuous care’‘ to their patients. 

Lyfe care programme is a subscription-based for an annual fee ranging from ₹6000 to ₹25,000 depending on the nature of customised care opted by a patient who will have to download the Lyfe application on their smart devices. 

LDH has received `No Objection’ from CDSCO for its digital heart care programme, Srinivasan said, adding that the cardiologist’s protocol would be followed in patient care.