Food products company MTR Foods which marks its hundredth year has made inroads in almost 90 per cent of homes in Karnataka has lined up a range of products to be launched to commemorate the centennial.

Originating in Bengaluru in 1924 under the Maiya family, the brand underwent a significant transition in 2007 when it became part of the Norwegian industrial investment company Orkla ASA, setting the stage for a remarkable journey of growth and diversification.  

Commemorating its 100 years in business, MTR has lined up a range of products to be launched this year: “The portfolio continues to expand; we continue to innovate on masalas and breakfast mixes; we added Chilled and Mangalore buns. So that part continues to grow,” Sunay Bhasin, Chief Executive Officer of MTR Foods, told businessline. Currently, it offers 145 products, 400 SKUs, and over 3000 unique recipes.  

Today, operating across six verticals, the brand exhibits a robust revenue diversification strategy. Masala and spices take the lead with 50 per cent, followed by sweets (mixes + RTE) at 17 per cent, breakfast + Chilled at 14 per cent, Badam milk (canned + mix) at 7 per cent, Ready-to-Eat at 8 per cent, and other categories at 4 per cent.  

In a recent move, the parent company Orkla ASA consolidated its three business units in India—MTR, Eastern, and International Business (IB)—into a single entity named Orkla India.  

With that in motion, MTR is expected to contribute approximately 45 per cent of the total business, while Eastern businesses account for 37 per cent and international businesses for around 18 per cent, said Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Orkla India, in a previous interaction. “Both MTR and Eastern are of equal size, and with Eastern coming in, we are ₹2,200 crore in size,” he added. 

Going forward, its major thrust areas include Fresh and Sweets, the Chilled Business, and Ready to Eat. In fact, in support of its recent foray, the company has also set up two separate facilities for both sweets and Chilled business, with an investment of ₹10 crore each.  

In addition, geographically, the company holds a strong presence in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In fact, “Over the last five years, we have doubled our sales in Andhra Pradesh and have reached about 40 per cent of households. So that’s a very good growth area,” the CEO noted. Beyond these strongholds, Tamil Nadu and major metros are also its key markets.  

MTR Foods century-long journey transcends beyond merely a brand; it stands as a cultural mainstay. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, an embrace of change, and a continuous expansion of its footprint, it leaves an indelible mark on the ever-evolving culinary landscape.