Nearly 75 million users joined Myntra in the last 12 months, and 65 per cent of them are from non-metro cities, according to fashion and beauty e-retailer Myntra trend report.

The monthly active users on the platform touched an amazing 60 million mark at peak, with six million customers making 30 visits to the platform each month on average, according to Myntra Trend Index.

Moreover, the platform’s social media engagement mirrors its popularity, with top customers visiting approximately 35 times per month and Myntra Minis capturing audiences attention with 100 hours of monthly viewership.

Delving into fashion preferences, the report reveals underscored color choices, with men gravitating towards versatile shades like white, grey, teal, and olive, while women embrace the ethereal allure of pastel hues such as Beige, Peach, and Lavender. GenZ preferences showcase a penchant for bold and metallic tones, reflecting their influence on contemporary style.

Premiumization emerges as a dominant trend, with significant growth witnessed across categories like Indian wear, luxury selections, and premium home decoration items, indicative of a burgeoning appetite for indulgence among consumers. The premium luggage category grew at a 55 per cent year-on-year. The demand for Luxe selection registered a 150 per cent year-on-year increase, indicative of a growing appetite for luxury items

Bengaluru emerged as the GenZ’s influence on fashion with varsity jackets, bling dresses, and oversized blazers capture the imagination of this trendsetting cohort.

Meanwhile, traditional attire undergoes a modern makeover, with monochromatic lehengas and metallic sarees gaining traction alongside Bollywood-inspired looks. Accessories play a pivotal role in completing ensembles, with vintage watches and monogram bags adding a touch of sophistication.

The beauty and grooming landscape witness a surge in demand for science-backed skincare and meticulous hair care routines, underscoring a nationwide embrace of self-care and personal grooming.

“Myntra Trend Index throws light on some of the most noteworthy consumer trends across fashion, beauty, personal care, and lifestyle segments in India. The findings of the report strongly suggest that the country is on the journey of premiumisation and there is a marked rise in adoption of trends across cohorts. When it comes to fashion, the country has become experimental in its choices while also adopting self-care and personal grooming in a big way,” said Sharon Pais, Chief Business Officer of Myntra.