Pashupati Group, a 45-year-old manufacturer of sustainable recycled resins, has signed an agreement with Recykal, a managed marketplace for post-consumer recycled resin (PCR), to help meet the rising demand for the product from brands and manufacturers. 

Pashupati Group has four recycling facilities and two packaging facilities in the country with an aggregate processing capacity of three lakh tonnes.

“It prevents 10 million polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and two million tonnes of polyolefin bottles every day from going to landfills or waterbodies. It exports sustainable recyclates and other value-added products with recycled contents to over 25 countries,” a statement said.

The alliance between the two companies would help promote a sustainable circular economy ecosystem, it said.

“Recykal’s platform would help Pashupati Group’s approach to channelise sustainable materials by establishing a key link with brands and manufacturers. The group will be able to leverage Recykal’s advanced marketplace to access high-quality material, aligning with its goal of promoting eco-friendly and responsible manufacturing processes,” Bankey Bihari Goenka, Managing Director at Pashupati Group, said.

Recykal Founder and CEO Abhay Deshpande said his company would facilitate a seamless flow of recycled materials, driving market sustainability.