Ramco industry leader in use of green energy in clinker production

BL Chennai Bureau | | Updated on: Apr 27, 2022

The cement company has invested in waste heat recovery system for power generation which is an environmentally friendly source of power


Leading cement producer Ramco Cements is demonstrating a strong pursuit of environmental sustainability with 71% of the power for its clinker production consumed through green energy. 

“The company is ahead of the industry in the use of green energy in clinker production,” it said a statement, 

Waste heat recovery system (WHRS) captures the waste heat available from the preheater exhaust gas and the clinker cooler exhaust gas of cement kilns and the said heat is used to generate electrical energy. Waste heat recovery plants (WHRP) are, therefore, an environmentally friendly source of power. 

Ramco Cements has invested in the WHRS for power generation in all the three lines of its Jayanthipuram Plant. Phase I of the WHRP of 9 MW capacity was commissioned in September 2020, and is producing at full capacity. The Phase II of 9 MW capacity was commissioned on 28th February, 2021. The last leg of the preheater was commissioned on April 16. With this, the WHRS has been fully commissioned in Jayanthipuram. The capacity of WHRS at Jayanthipuram is 27 MW. 

Also, the company is all set to commission its 5th integrated cement plant at Kolomigundla, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, together with 12.15 MW of WHRS. The overall capacity of the company’s WHRS will increase to 39.15 MW. 

Using wind energy

Inclusive of the wind energy being wheeled for the company’s production, Ramco Cements will be meeting 71% of the power required for the total clinker production through green energy. With this, Ramco Cements is ahead of the industry in the utilisation of green energy for clinker production, it said. 

Besides reducing the power cost significantly, the company’s investment in waste heat recovery plants demonstrates a commitment to environmental, social and governance initiatives.  

Ramco Cements is the first and only cement company in India to win the prestigious ‘Four Leaves Award’ - instituted by the Centre of Science & Environment, Government of India. It is in recognition of the green initiatives taken to protect the environment by ensuring dust-free and clean factory premises, it added. 

Published on April 27, 2022
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