Remsons Industries, a pioneer in cables and shifters for the automotive industry, Aircom Group AG, Switzerland, have formed a joint venture (JV) Aircom Remsons Automotive Pvt Ltd (ARAPL).

ARAPL would be engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling Tyre mobility kits (new-age puncture kits) and its components. The move will increase the total share of Remsons in the overall products supplied to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

ARAPL would focus on eventually launching these products as a B2C product. The product will go a long way in replacing spare tyres currently provided with almost all the cars. Some of the luxury car OEMs have done away with spare tyres and have started providing tyre mobility kits for convenience and lesser weight for the vehicle which will improve the mileage.

Gain market share

Rahul Kejriwal, Executive Director, Remsons Industries, said the JV with the European market leader will help to gain sizable market share in the tyre mobility segment, which includes tyre repair kits and related products, sealants, air compressors, plugs, and other products aimed at repairing and preventing punctures in various types of tyres.

As the EV adoption in India is picking up, the need for making these vehicles lighter is a challenge, as the battery weight is the major component of the vehicle. The tyre mobility products will be a game changer in increasing the mileage per charge due to lesser weight.

When the product is launched as B2C, the spare tyre vehicles also need puncture kits and air compressors to fill the air to avoid the inconvenience of changing the tyre on the road.

Remsons Industries is an automotive OEM components manufacturer supplying to two-, three- and four-wheeler vehicles, commercial vehicles and off-highway vehicles in India and globally for the last 50 years. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has modern facilities in Gurgaon, Pune, Pardi and Daman, besides Stourport in the UK.