French car maker Renault has garnered commendable sales from rural centres across the country, thanks to its increased coverage through various campaigns.

From a meagre seven per cent sale in 2019, the contribution from the rural markets has reached 38 per cent, facilitating the company to further increase the rural penetration, Sudhir Malhotra, Vice President (Sales and Marketing) Renault India said on Friday.

He cited the reasons for increased coverage in rural areas to reaching out to customers through Resident Dealer Sales Executives programme, getting closer to rural population in terms of sales, service and finance availability, setting up of smaller outlets typical for rural locations, introduction of workshop on wheels and so on.

Malhotra was in Kochi to launch Renault Experience Days in Kerala, offering a one-stop solution for customers to provide spot test-drive, booking and finance options for all locations.

Asked on the passenger car market in India, he said the market is doing well and is on an upsurge with a nine per cent growth till July. “We feel this momentum will continue throughout the year”, he said adding that customers today are much more informed and well researched while taking decisions to buy cars.

The campaign “Renault Experience Days” was flagged off from Delhi on July 25 so as to bring the showroom experience directly to the customers’ doorstep through the “Showroom on Wheels” and providing convenient an efficient vehicle servicing with the “Workshop on Wheels”.

Covering across 36 locations in the State, the campaign will also provide on-the-spot test drive, bookings and car finance options, thereby offering a one stop solution for customers.

“We are thrilled to introduce the ‘Renault Experience Days’ campaign in Kerala, a state that holds immense importance in Renault’s strategy. With the ‘Showroom on Wheels’ and ‘Workshop on Wheels’ initiatives, we aim to break barriers and reach out to customers in every corner of the State”, Malhotra said.